Weekend of 7-9 December Round up

13/12/2012 11:45



Jake & Fallon both played in their Northern County games at the weekend, Jake playing for Staffordshire against Shropshire & Fallon for Norfolk away to Hertfordshire.  Jake, with a very impressive 27.88 ave won his game 3-1 giving him his third mom on the bounce also helping a very strong Staffordshire side to convincing 10-5 overall win and consolidating his place top of the averages in the North Division.

Fallon was also in good form winning 2-0 with a 22.77 ave this also will be keeping her top of the north division averages well done again to both players 
Joe was in action in the prestigious Zuderduin Masters the top Dutch event  shown live on TV.  Joe was the first non Dutch/Belgian youth player to be invited to this event and equated himself with total professionalism and doing England proud.  In his attempt to win the Masters the weekend didn’t go to plan as the flight was cancelled at 7am no other fight was scheduled until 7pm, as Joe’s first game was scheduled for approx 9pm the later flight could not be contemplated.  Another plan of action need to be put in place which meant a train back to Brighton, pick the car up and head for the Euro tunnel and a four hour drive to the venue once we got across the water.  An epic day of travelling, eventually arriving at the venue just 2 hours before due to play so the preparation was not hte best but we got there. Joe was to play Belgium player Kenny Neyans a player that Joe had previously beaten but this time it was not to be as Joe missed doubles and Kenny finishing was of the highest order winning 4-0 so on the Saturday Joe had a little to prove and was against another top Dutch youth player Kevin Voornhout who Joe convincingly came out a 4-1 winner Kevin in the evening beat Neyans 4-3 which meant Joe missing out on qualification by 2 legs.  The final was fought by Neyans and Quin Wester, with Wester taking the title 2-0 in sets.  For all the detailed results go to the Zuderduin website.  www.zuiderduinmasters.nl/pagina.asp?pg=100000&lan=UK

Sam played in a Portsmouth Darts Series event at the weekend taking his maiden victory  in the form of 'Canal Royale', playing ubiquitously in winning all 7 of his group games against Jack Marriner, Steve Jannaway, Colin Littlecott, Dean Jones, Liam Mcguire, Bill Evrard and John Large before then idyllically blasting past Jane Monaghan, Gary Stafford and Ricky Williams before suffocating Paul Gibbs into submission in the final. 5 legs to 3.
Most of our players will be taking a well earned break over the Christmas period each playing local tournaments and gearing themselves up for the Kent open being there first major tournament of 2013.  Sam and Jake will be competing in the Holsten Vier challenge cup for a £3000 first prize on Jan 3rd at Lakeside  
This weekend Sam Casey & Joe will be playing their County Youth games - GOOD LUCK TO ALL.